The SWP apology is too little, too late

The SWP’s Central Committee recently issued a statement and apology for their party’s 2013 crisis, when the SWP defended a Central Committee member accused of rape and drove out of their organisation those who supported the women complaining about his behaviour. rs21 was launched by many of those who decided the SWP had so betrayed […]

The shift in Glasgow and how we fight back

The most recent arms factory blockade in Glasgow saw Police Scotland act differently from before. rs21 members report from the day and consider what’s changed, what’s to come, and how to prepare. Protesters try to de-arrest someone from a police van outside Thales in Glasgow, 15 May 2024. Photo from video by Hassan Ghani. Early […]

Repressing independence: the Spanish Amnesty Bill and Catalonia

The Spanish government has voted on an Amnesty Law for Catalan independence activists. Catalan activist Anna Stanton, member of the anti-capitalist political party CUP,  reflects on the double-edged nature of the law, and gives historic context of Spain’s repression of internal national independence movements. Protests in Barcelona on 14 October 2019, after the sentencing of […]

Why cutting welfare hurts non-claimants

The Tories are proposing yet more attacks on welfare benefits, and on sick and disabled people. Labour’s obsession with ‘hard working families’ does nothing to counter the attempts to set workers and benefit claimants against each other. Activist and writer Ian Allinson argues that cuts to welfare are intended to lower wages. Disability benefits cuts […]

Debate – a response on settler colonialism

In an ongoing debate about settler colonialism, Sai Englert responds to Jordan Humphreys’ argument that settler populations should be given more due for their potential role in revolutionary struggle, and argues for the centrality of settler colonial theory in Marxism. If we are to overthrow capitalism, we need to engage with what stabilises it.  Read […]

Dover’s dodgy defector

Keir Starmer’s acceptance of hard-right Natalie Elphicke into the Labour party has shocked and dismayed many. East Kent resident Danny Bee explains why he’s not happy at having her as his Labour MP. Dover graffiti – picture by Danny Bee For its relatively small size (about 40,000 people), the town of Dover is internationally known. […]

Report from the Newcastle University encampment

As the number of Palestine solidarity encampments at campuses continues to grow we spoke to Brian Underhill from the encampment at Newcastle University. Newcastle University campus It’s gone well so far. Today is day six, we started on Wednesday in coordination with a series of other universities. It was May Day and workers in Palestine […]

Kick out the Tories, prepare to fight Starmer

Colin Wilson analyses the 2 May council and mayoral elections in England. Photo by Duncan Cumming used under CC licence.   The Tories face catastrophe at the coming General Election. It’s too late now in the few months they have left to do anything about the issues people think most important, like the cost of […]

Long hot summer?

With a ramping up of state repression and protest, are we seeing a brief flash of activity or the start of a long hot summer? rs21 members Lotta Soph, Daire Ní Chnáimh and SJ Gans share what they’ve seen in London, Glasgow and Manchester, and think about where we go from here. The Sheffield Palestine […]