‘Woman! Life! Freedom!’: the social revolution in Iran

As protests in Iran continue and deepen, Iranian activist Gh. H. Saedi looks at the potential of the struggle and argues for greater solidarity from the left in Britain. Iran – woman, life, freedom! Photo by Pirekhelan used under CC licence. After the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, at the hands […]

Towards a truly radical Scottish independence movement

Jim Ritchie reviews Scotland After Britain, a new book on the Scottish independence movement. In it he finds an exceptional account of the changing class composition of the independence movement, with guidance for the radical independence activists going forward. Foley, Wray, and Davidson, Scotland After Britain (London: Verso Books, 2022) 256pp £12.99 Scotland After Britain, […]

Model Motion: Solidarity with the Elbit 8

Various Palestine Action activists will be standing trial, or are currently standing trial, for taking direct action against Israeli apartheid. They have been part of a campaign against Elbit systems, who produce arms for the Israeli army to use against Palestinians. An rs21 member has written a motion for their union branch to stand in solidarity […]

What is happening this Saturday?

rs21 members have compiled a quick roundup of the strikes, protests and actions taking place on 1-2 October.  It’s hard to remember any new government getting off to a worse start. Last Friday’s mini-budget has been almost universally panned, with the value of the pound dropping like a stone, even against the rouble. Tory MPs are […]

Dockers show strength as strike continues

Felixstowe port workers have been on strike from Tuesday and are out until next Wednesday. We spoke to Unite activist Ozzy Osborne about the strike, at Britain’s largest port. Pickets at Felixstowe Felixstowe is a major workplace. It deals with 48 percent of British container goods traffic – and it’s not just Felixstowe taking action. […]

Will Trussonomics work?

The Tories’ mini-budget has precipitated the worst financial crisis for decades. rs21 member Kate Deer explores the ideology behind ‘Trussonomics’ and assesses whether it can work.  Photo: William Warby, flickr, Creative Commons, edited There has been a gradual paradigm shift in economic policy. After more than a decade of ruthless austerity measures, the new government […]

‘We are all Mahsa’: riots shake Iran

Bella Beiraghi reports on the protest wave sweeping across Iran.  Protests in central Tehran This article first appeared in Red Flag (Australia) Protests and riots have spread across Iran after a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, was murdered by the morality police. Amini was visiting the capital, Tehran, on 13 September when she was arrested for […]

Tory budget gambles on class war – we can beat them

The rich and big business got billions in handouts. Part-time workers on benefits have been told to increase their hours, while unions face further attacks. We need to prepare for major battles, writes Colin Wilson – but this is a big gamble for the Tories, and they can lose. Kwarteng with Bank of England Governor […]

Tories bring back fracking – major protests to come

The Tories plan to revive fracking – red meat for the Tory right and good news for oil companies. Gareth Dale comments on how far the new Tory cabinet will go to trash the planet, and what opposition they can expect.   This article originally appeared on Truthout. We’re grateful for their permission to republish it. […]

Italy: fascism for the 21st century?

The Italian elections on Sunday seem likely to return a right-wing coalition, with the largest party led by a fascist. Rich Matoušek assesses the probable outcome, and explains why the left has failed to become the expression of popular discontent.  Election stalls on market day – photo by Danny Ayers used under CC licence Yesterday […]