Labor’s Upsurge and the Search for Workers’ Power

Five hundred thousand workers went on strike In the USA during 2023. While they made significant gains over pay, it will take sustained militancy to make up for the concessions of the last few decades and to challenge the effects of technological change. Kim Moody explores how the strikes have built power and what to […]

Into the abyss: On the Argentinian elections.

As Argentina lurches to the right, Adam Fabry, Lecturer in International Political Economy at the National University of Chilecito, Argentina, analyses the rise of Javier Milei, the crisis of Peronism and the prospects for Argentina’s future. Javier Milei addresses a rally organised by the far right Vox party in Spain, November 2022. Source: Wikimedia Commons. […]

Autumn statement 2023: let it burn

Last week’s autumn statement was widely seen as the opening of the Tories’ general election campaign. rs21 member Jonas Marvin asks whether the Tories have a coherent economic strategy that can rescue them. The pound in your pocket…won’t stay there long. Photo by Alaur Rahman under CC licence If you watched or listened to Jeremy […]

How can workers stop the genocide?

Direct action, blockades, rank and file organising? All three? An rs21 arms worker on how the Palestine solidarity movement could work most effectively to stop the trade of weapons from Britain to the Israeli occupation. Activists give flyers to workers and hold a vigil outside Thales, Glasgow. Nov 2023. The scale of the Palestinian solidarity movement […]

Western terror in the Middle East

Wars and oppression in the Middle East and North Africa are a product of centuries of colonial and imperial domination by Western powers. Eleanor Morley explains the bloody history. ‘A friendly power in Egypt’ by WC Horsley (1906) This article was first published on the Red Flag website. From the early days of colonisation to […]

Exposing the far-right conspiracy theorists

Since the Covid pandemic, there has been a rise in conspiracy theories that have bled over into the far right. Pat Stack writes about one such example, The Light newspaper, as well as a community campaign to counter its influence. The growth of the far right has taken a number of different forms and sprung […]

Why Palestine is an issue for educators

rs21 teachers argue why educators across the country have a duty to talk about Palestine. Ceasefire now rally Trafalgar Square November 4 – photo by Steve Eason Images from Gaza are flooding our TV screens and ever-present on the internet; they are filling our timelines and phone screens; they are topics of conversation on the […]

Queers for Palestine

Opposing the ‘pink-washing’ of Israel – rs21 member Colin Wilson explains the importance of a slogan increasingly seen on Palestine solidarity protests. Queers for Palestine banner on November 11 London demo – author’s photo. As millions of us throughout the world march for Palestine – as the rulers of countries like Britain and America are […]

Why I support Palestine: an interview with Merilyn Moos

“My family in Germany were killed by Nazis because they were Jews. What Israel has constructed in Gaza is a concentration camp.” Pete Cannell interviews Merilyn Moos – the daughter of Jewish refugees who organised against the Nazis in Germany. Much of her extended family died in WW2 concentration camps. Here she explains why she […]

Settler colonialism, Zionism and Palestinian liberation

Sai Englert, author of Settler Colonialism: An Introduction (Pluto, 2022), speaks to rs21 editor Jonny Jones about the relationship between the Zionist labour movement and Israeli settler colonialism and the road to Palestinian liberation. Part one of this interview, on the origins of settler colonialism, is available here. Photo credit: Ahmed Abu Hameeda/Unsplash Jonny Jones: […]