Fighting on for higher pay in the NHS

As junior doctors in the BMA prepare for three days of strike action this week, Rob M, a UNISON, RCN and rs21 activist, explains that the pay fight isn’t over across the health service. RCN Strike Solidarity march and rally from UCLH, London 18th January 2023 – photo by Steve Eason Following unprecedented strikes across […]

Whither the Gender Recognition Reform Bill?

rs21 member Sara Bennett considers what will happen to gender recognition reforms following the election of SNP leader Humza Yousaf. Outside Scottish Parliament in support of the GRR Bill. December 2022. Photo: Graham Checkley. On 27 March 2023, Humza Yousaf was elected leader of the SNP, following the shock resignation of Nicola Sturgeon the previous […]

The Saramago dispute: hospitality organising in Glasgow

Photo credit: Colm. The Saramago dispute, Glasgow, 2023 José Saramago was a Portuguese communist known for his critiques of the IMF, the Catholic Church and financialisation. Until 21 April this year, his name could also be found in the centre of Glasgow, where the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) had outsourced its bar-cafe space to […]

Review | Health Communism

rs21 member Shiraz Hussain reviews Health Communism (Verso, 2022), a new book written by longtime disability justice and healthcare activists Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkant. Health Communism. Photo of strike march from St Thomas’ Hospital, London 1 May 2023, by Steve Eason. Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkand, Health Communism. Verso Books, 2022. 240 pp, £16.99. ______________ […]

Voter suppression and protest repression: the Tories’ attack on democracy

rs21 member Kate Bradley writes on the suppression, repression and oppression that increasingly characterise British ‘democracy’. TUC Right to Strike rally at Parliament Square, London 22nd May 2023. Credit: Steve Eason/Flickr Shortly after the Tories’ major defeat in the local elections earlier this month, Jacob Rees-Mogg, darling of the Tory right, said that voter ID […]

Behind the Cardiff riot: a community failed by police and politicians

Following the tragic death of two young people in Ely on Monday and the riot that followed, the police’s version of events has unravelled. But, as Ann Marie Zogina reports, the area in west Cardiff has not only been failed by the police, but the politicians who claim to represent it as well. Ely disruption […]

Review | Marx in the Anthropocene

The joys and pitfalls of degrowth communism – Gus Woody reviews an important new book on ecosocialism.  Photos by Steve Eason, taken at XR’s The Big One, April 2023 Kohei Saito, Marx in the Anthropocene; Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism (Cambridge: Cambridge University press, 2023), 292 pp, £29.99 Marx in the Anthropocene is the […]

Nakba 75: solidarity and resistance until Palestine is free

rs21 members attended protests last weekend in London and Manchester in solidarity with Palestine. John Nicholson reports on the Nakba 75 demonstration and march on 14 May 2023 in Manchester, providing some background on why the day is so important to mark. Protesters march into central Manchester, 14 May 2023. Photo credit: John Nicholson. When […]

‘The Generals’ fight for power is not our fight’ – interview

Tempest members Shireen Akram-Boshar and brian bean interview Muzna Alhaj, a member and organiser of a Khartoum Resistance Committee, about the escalating armed conflict between rival factions of the ruling junta and its impact on the revolutionary dynamic in Sudan. The Sudanese revolution on the move in 2019 – train from Atbra to Khartoum. Photo […]

Glass Onion – foolishly transparent

Evan Sedgwick-Jell reviews Glass Onion (2022), asking what the film’s titular metaphor tells us about capitalist ideology. Miles Bron from Glass Onion. Glass Onion is director Rian Johnson’s second outing for Benoit Blanc, the urbane private detective from the southern US. Similar to the first film, the new instalment ridicules the rich, though this time […]