rs21 members have compiled a quick roundup of the strikes, protests and actions taking place on 1-2 October. 

It’s hard to remember any new government getting off to a worse start. Last Friday’s mini-budget has been almost universally panned, with the value of the pound dropping like a stone, even against the rouble. Tory MPs are in open revolt against the plans to bring back fracking, with widespread reports that some have already submitted letters of no confidence in Liz Truss. Every government since Cameron has been nastier and less competent than its predecessor, but also weaker. They can be beaten.

But the Tories have got out of trouble before because our side hasn’t taken advantage of its opportunities. This time might be different, however, crucially because of the return of strikes. This Saturday there are national strikes in Royal Mail and on the railways, with Britain’s two biggest ports and bus-workers in Somerset and Cornwall also out on strike.

What’s happening in my area?

Saturday is being called #megastrike day by some, with national strikes in rail, mail and Liverpool and Felixstowe ports, as well as many other workplaces around the country. There will be hundreds of picket lines around the country, but also campaign rallies to bring together everyone who’s angry about fuel bills, inflation, rising rents and mortgages, the NHS, transport, education, the environment and every other area of our lives that the Tories are making worse.

List of CWU pickets 
Liverpool port pickets: Port of Liverpool, Liverpool, Merseyside, L21 1LA.
Felixstowe port pickets: The Dock, Felixstowe, IP11 3SY (Both gates)
For RMT, ASLEF, UCU and other pickets go to Strike Map

Enough is Enough and Don’t Pay have called rallies in many towns and cities – almost 40 Enough is Enough and 121 Don’t Pay events at the time of writing (several of them joint rallies), but more will be announced. Check their websites (links above) for full details, also check local media, Facebook groups and the like, as there are more events that haven’t yet been listed.

Map of march start points for Just Stop Oil on Saturday.

In London there is also a Just Stop Oil march on Westminster, starting from Euston, Paddington and Waterloo stations as well as other locations.

On Sunday 2 October the People’s Assembly have called a rally in Birmingham to protest against the Tory party conference – transport details here.

This coming weekend is a great opportunity to show the depth and breadth of the opposition to Truss and the Tories, and to increase the pressure on them. Let’s keep warm this winter – make trouble! Frack the Tories!

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