Amilcar Cabral: A Pan-African Revolutionary

The relevance of his praxis for Africa in a world undergoing geopolitical reconfiguration By Ameth LO, Pan-African militant and Member of GRILA (, Toronto Dakar June 20th, 2022. The renewed general interest in Pan-Africanism among young people, and interest in the work of Cabral in particular, can be largely explained by the urgency of current […]

Prepare for more school strikes

The government has today (27 March) made a new offer to settle the school strikes in England. rs21 members in NEU argue that it’s not good enough, and that teachers and support staff should prepare for further action.   Photo: Steve Eason Schools and education workers are at crisis point. A toxic mix of pay […]

Review | Derailed: How to Fix Britain’s Broken Railways

The climate crisis means we need more and better public transport – but train travel is a mess, unreliable and expensive. Amy Gilligan reviews Tom Haines-Doran’s Derailed: How to Fix Britain’s Broken Railways Pacer train in Cardiff. Photo: Jeremy Segrott, flickr, Creative Commons Train travel can be great. It can be a quick and efficient […]

Reject the health pay deal!

Health workers strikes have been a key component of the pay revolt over the past few months, with massive support from the general public. Rob M, a UNISON, RCN and rs21 member, argues that health workers should reject the proposed deal – there is plenty more to be won! NHS workers strike, 2023. Photo: Steve […]

People Make Television: cultural production, socialism and the state

The People Make Television exhibition at the Raven Row gallery in London has brought to light a history of TV in Britain that many would be surprised to learn had a home on the BBC. Tom Schofield visited the exhibition and writes about what it indicates about the links between cultural production, state broadcasters and […]

A Fuels Paradise: Capitalism, Energy Crises, and the Markets  

The last year has seen gas and electricity prices rocket. We’re told that this is because of shifts in global markets, resulting from factors like Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But why are global fuel markets so unstable in the first place? Here Brian Parkin explains the relationships between fossil fuel companies and national […]

24 reasons to abolish the Met Police

Louise Casey’s report on the Met Police is to be published on Tuesday. Media coverage suggests that it will show the force to be riddled with racism, sexism and homophobia. Already, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has come to the Met’s defence, claiming that ‘the vast majority’ of cops act ‘professionally’. This is an argument often […]

Hunt’s budget – comfort for the rich, crumbs for us

Jeremy Hunt claimed he was delivering a budget for growth, but as Jonny Jones explains, for most of us it means worsening living standards.  Picture from used under CC licence. Jeremy Hunt’s budget is a commitment to making workers pay the costs of 13 years of Tory misrule. From austerity to the calamitous mini-budget […]

15 March Rallies Roundup

More than half a million workers struck today and rallied in cities across Britain. Teachers, junior doctors, civil servants, university workers, tube drivers, Amazon workers, journalists and more are fighting for better conditions, and against repressive anti-strike legislation. UCU, NEU, PCS, RMT, NUJ, BMA, Prospect, ASLEF, GMB and HCSA were out in force. rs21 members […]

Right-wing gender politics: regenerated

Content note: this article discusses transphobia and misogyny The current offensive against trans people in Britain is being carried out by an array of political forces across society. Lisa Leak outlines what these distinct forces are, how they enable and assist each other, and how this forms part of a much broader attempt at regenerating […]