In February 2023, the rs21 All Member Assembly voted to initiate a process of discussion that the organisation hoped would develop theoretical and strategic clarity. The first thing we aimed to do was create a new text for the ‘About rs21’ page on the website, which had originally been written when the organisation formed in 2014. This would lay out the basic shared understanding of our politics going forward, as a point of reference for members of rs21 and everyone we work with across different movements.

To achieve this, a working group arranged a series of meetings on the topics of capitalism, class, the state, internationalism, racialisation and revolutionary strategy, which were open to all members.

Each session saw one or two speakers lead off the discussion with introductions that aimed to frame the broad topic and suggest areas which required further discussion and development. To facilitate maximum participation, breakout groups discussed a range of questions suggested by the working group before whole group discussions.

After those first six sessions, the working group drafted a new ‘About rs21’ text, which was then amended and agreed at the February 2024 All Members Assembly.

The new text reflects the organisation’s commitment to a non-reductionist class politics that opposes all forms of oppression. It underlines our belief in organising across the whole working class, including those who are too ill to work, who have retired, or are outside formal employment.

We also confirmed our commitment to revolutionary politics, rooted in the revolutionary Marxist tradition and drawing upon anti-colonial, feminist, and anti-racist radical movements. We highlighted our opposition to the state’s repressive apparatus (prisons, police, the border system and beyond), and its role at home and overseas in reproducing racism and imperialism.

The new text also states our commitment to genuine democracy in society and within the organisation. As well as fighting to defend and extend democratic rights, including the right to strike and protest, the text lays out a commitment to a democratic socialist culture within rs21, and lays out the basics of our approach to organising.

The ‘About rs21’ text is the first output of the process, but it is just a starting point. It is intended to be a living document, that can be updated and amended appropriately. Further discussion sessions will look at other topics to further develop the organisation’s engagement and facilitate political education.

If you are excited by the ideas expressed below, and want to be part of an organisation fighting for socialism, then you can join us here.

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